Back in the Spring, we had a large hail storm in our area. Which, of course, destroyed our roof. We had the roof replaced in April and Michelle mentioned that she thought she smelled gas afterwards. At the time it was getting warm and we could definitely smell the new asphalt shingles. We wrote it off to that and didn’t think much about it. Although Michelle continued to mention that she smelled gas. As it got cold and we started to use the heat more, we definitely noticed a gas smell. Michelle called a plumber last week and turns out the main CSST line going from the meter to the attic arched up right against the roof decking. It had several nail punctures in it. Been leaking since April. Both plumber and city say we are VERY lucky the thing didn’t blow up. I hate this stuff and I can’t wait until we move out of this house with CSST! — Chris Prince, Plano TX