CSST in the walls had been penetrated.

Friday night, April 17th, (2015) a storm cell came through our area. Lightning, wind and heavy rain. I knew that our home had been hit. We could feel the fire within the wall. We did not have the opportunity to know Brennen but from his story we knew to get out... because he didn't! We

Dodged a Bullet

Back in the Spring, we had a large hail storm in our area. Which, of course, destroyed our roof. We had the roof replaced in April and Michelle mentioned that she thought she smelled gas afterwards. At the time it was getting warm and we could definitely smell the new asphalt shingles. We wrote it

We heard a lightning strike…

I would like to share an event that forever changed our family.   Our home burned down in May of 2016. It was a Tuesday around 5:45 pm and it was storming. My husband, son, his friend, and I were home. We heard a lightning strike and I thought to myself that the strike was

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