CSST in the walls had been penetrated.

November 8th, 2017|

Friday night, April 17th, (2015) a storm cell came through our area. Lightning, wind and heavy rain. I knew that our home had been hit. We could feel the fire within the wall. We did

Dodged a Bullet

November 8th, 2017|

Back in the Spring, we had a large hail storm in our area. Which, of course, destroyed our roof. We had the roof replaced in April and Michelle mentioned that she thought she smelled gas

We heard a lightning strike…

November 8th, 2017|

I would like to share an event that forever changed our family.   Our home burned down in May of 2016. It was a Tuesday around 5:45 pm and it was storming. My husband, son,

What’s in your attic?

December 24th, 2016|

To determine if you have yellow-jacketed CSST in your home, you could have someone help or you could carefully enter the access to your attic. The bright yellow tubing should be evident if it

The Essence of a Window

November 7th, 2016|

Many know the story behind this image. For those who don’t, the explosion happened in the garage – Brennen and Ross were there. Only one pane of glass in the front door blew out... leaving

A Voice

April 7th, 2015|

These videos are about the loss of a son due to a gas conduit (CSST) that was manufactured, distributed and installed in over 7 million homes across America. With this blog and website, we share

Hidden fire danger may be in your house

February 21st, 2015|

SAN ANTONIO – Home inspectors have a warning about a type of piping that’s installed in seven million homes – maybe even yours. The manufacturers say it’s a safe way to pipe gas throughout the

Debate Over Gas Pipe Safety Reignited

March 18th, 2014|

Lightning Strike Fires Reignite Debate Over Gas Pipe Safety Ross and Meg Rushing were entertaining a friend at their brand-new home in Lubbock, Texas, on Aug. 24, 2012, when a clap of thunder appeared to


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